The 10 best: Outdoor Toys

Try Brik-A-Blok for yourselves
Try Brik-A-Blok for yourselves

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1 Brik-A-Blok – from £114.95 at

Invest in this piece of kit and enjoy hours of fun as the children gather round to build a host of interesting back garden properties. This colourful set-up is durable to the elements but most of all it unleashes creativity from everyone that picks up a piece.

Young testers at the recent Toyology Outdoor Toy Awards ( gave it the thumbs up so it’s definitely worth a look.

2 Boochie – £17.95 from

New to these shores, this action-packed game will keep a group of four entertained for hours.

The rules are simple – throw the Boochie and then try to land your ball or hoop as near to it as possible. But with the wrist tracker giving you crazy challenges, the gameplay is as addictive as it is difficult. Suitable for the garden, park or beach, it’s a summer essential.

3 Peppa Pig sit and bounce ball, £7.99, from

The easily-inflated hopper is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and the colourful Peppa Pig graphics will prove a hit with younger children.

Featuring chunky grip handles to help keep you steady and a smooth wipeable surface to keep it clean, this will keep them out in the fresh air for hours.

4 Razor FlashRider 360 – £129.99 from

This gadget is seriously cool. With castor wheels on the back and an over-sized wheel up front, it’s sure to give a grin-inducing ride. Add in a brake system that features a spark maker every time you touch it to the floor and you have a very impressive spinning machine.

5 Sizzlin’ cool pink sand and water table, £24.99, from Toys ‘R’ Us

This brightly-coloured sand and water table will provide your child with hours of fun, with a large playing surface which opens to reveal two bowls for sand and water. The lid offers an area to store toys and the bowls are easy to fill and clean. It also includes four play moulds to make exciting sand castles.

6 Wicked Light-Up Big Bang Rocket – £12.99 from

This toy should win a gold medal for simplicity – just stick a piece of paper in the nose and then throw it up in the air. Upon impact, it’ll make the most explosive sound, as well as flashing its multi-coloured LEDs.

7 Gingerbread playhouse, £59.99, from Early Learning Centre.

Every little girl wants a playhouse to make her own and this fairytale-like structure is bound to put a smile on her face.

8 Zing Air Z-Curve Launcher Bow – £14.99 from

There isn’t another blaster-type toy that can come close to this one. Load up your foam-tipped projectiles, pull back on the elasticated launcher and let rip. A few playthings claim lengthy distances, but there aren’t many that can match this one’s 125ft achievements.

9 Airflow bouncy castle, £69.98, from Tesco

Keep the kids entertained all summer long with their very own bouncy castle.

Complete with safety nets, it’s the perfect addition to a big back garden.

10 Plum 6ft trampoline with enclosure – £149.99 from

There are plenty of jump around playthings to choose from, but this one has ticked all the boxes. It’s easy to assemble, good value for money and jumping good fun!