The 10 best street party accessories

Make sure your street party swings with these Union Jack accessories from The Contemporary Home.
Make sure your street party swings with these Union Jack accessories from The Contemporary Home.
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Get everything you need for your street party to celebrate Prince William’s marriage to Kate Middleton. There’s bubbles, £4.99, trivia games, £3.99, crown-shaped glass decorations for £2.99 for 10, and packs of 20 cupcake and sandwich flags for £1.99. Perfect for creating a right Royal occasion.

2 Red, white and blue bunting, £16.88 for 120ft, from

It wouldn’t be a street party without bunting and classic red, white and blue is the colour scheme you need on April 29.

3 Two tier cupcake stand, £8.99 each, from

Decorated prettily with Union Jacks and in Royal reds and blues, these stands will make your trestle tables look very special.

4 Union Jack bowler hats, £8.49, from eBay.

These bowler hats bring back memories of Royal Weddings gone by. There’s six in a pack and they are made from hard-wearing PVC.

5 Personalised banner, £18.99, from

Design your own water-proof banner using the three templates already made up or one of your own. It’s pricier than spray-painting an old bed sheet but if you want your street to stand out it’s something to think about.

6 Banquet roll, £6.49, for an eight metre roll from

If you’re on a budget the Tesco plain range might be what you’re looking for. There’s everything from plates and cutlery to this banquet roll – pick red, white or blue or another colour scheme of your choice.

7 Royal wedding flag, £8.99, from

This five foot banner has a picture of the happy couple on it so give it pride of place at your party.

8 10 pack of party poppers, £3.99, from

While you’re ordering your banner get your party poppers sorted too and your street party will go with a bang.

9 Wills and Kate cut-out, £37.50, from

The real wedding party might be London-based but that doesn’t mean you can’t have Wills and Kate at your party with this 6ft cardboard cut-out.

10 Pack of 50 plain party balloons, £2.29, from

Balloons are a quick and easy way to liven up your street party tables - and you don’t have to shell-out for expensive helium ones. A multi-coloured party pack will have the same impact and be a big hit with the kids for a fraction of the price.