The natural way to look after our skin

Relaxation is an important part of a beauty routine
Relaxation is an important part of a beauty routine
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Good skin might seem like a cosmetic concern, but we all know the key to a glowing complexion runs much deeper than lotions and potions.

Sometimes, though, it helps to be reminded that water, sleep and healthy eating go a long way to keeping our outer layer in tip-top condition.

And there are other natural remedies that most people definitely won’t have considered.

Spa therapists name dehydration as the biggest skin care problem they come across.

Water makes up about two-thirds of the weight of a healthy body and the slightest imbalance can lead to lethargy, mood swings and a lack of elasticity in the skin.

Lorraine Bettesworth, head of curriculum in the health and beauty department at Waterlooville’s South Downs College, agrees and advises sipping throughout the day rather than drinking large amounts in one hit.

‘It rehydrates the cells. But if you have too much at once you just keep wanting to go to the loo,’ she says.

‘If you keep sipping it’s absorbed more easily into the cells.’

Therapists also say sleep deprivation plays havoc with your health and this shows itself to the world through your skin.

One recommendation is to turn your bathroom into a sanctum for rest, warmth and privacy before bedtime. Light calming candles and create a dreamy, relaxing bath using sleep-enhancing essential oils like lavender, jasmine or sandalwood.

We know that healthy eating is a skincare must but Lorraine says that as well as providing essential nutrients, vegetables hydrate the skin too.

Of course, the right skincare routine is also important for a bright and beautiful complexion.

But that’s not just about finding the best products. Lorraine has some tips for cheap and natural alteratives.

‘Virgin olive oil with sugar makes a great scrub for hands,’ she reveals. ‘And something like Ariel liquid or powder in water can be a good soak for feet. It makes it easier to remove hard skin.’

But sometimes the skin screams out for the salon treatment. Whether you choose to hear or ignore it often depends on budget.

But colleges like South Downs have facial options that are much cheaper than salons.

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