The purrrfect cover for chasing felines

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Greetings Chipsters everywhere. Well, it looks as though summer has finally departed and we’ve well and truly entered my favourite season – autumn.

There’s something about this time of year which really gets my tail wagging.

There are so many great things to look forward to.

First comes Halloween with all its spooky goings-on. Before you know it we shall have reached bonfire night and then we start counting down to Christmas.

Of course, this season does have drawbacks – rain, fog, chilly mornings and nights and, of course, the clocks going back to give us months of early darkness.

But let’s be positive my friends. One of the great joys of autumn are the piles of leaves which gather in huge drifts at the bottom of the garden here at Dunyelping.

I love rolling around in the crisp, golden pile, but best of all I get a real thrill from hiding in it. It’s usually so deep it covers me from the tip of my snout to the end of my tail.

This means it’s perfect cover for me to ambush Brindley Milligan, that rascally cat from next door who is always playing tricks on me.

There’s a great picture for you to colour this week showing me jumping out on the feline and chasing him around the garden. Get out your crayons and send me the result.

OK, so summer’s gone and I doubt whether you will be plunging into the sea any more this year. But if you still want fun in the water, swimming and fun pools are just the thing.

And 10 lucky Chipsters will be doing just that at the Pyramids, Southsea, in the coming weeks.

They are all winners of family tickets for the fun pool in my Pyramids competition.

They are: Carrie Barnett (1724); Connor Brown (1073); Lily Beach (900); Tyler Blythe (1934); Emma Smart (617); Hannah Gamblin (1823); Billy Crowley (5098); Toby Youldon (417); James Duggan (940); Ella Tapner (666).

Chip chip for now, your old pal,