The ten best artificial trees

Not got your tree sorted yet? This one will get you feeling festive
Not got your tree sorted yet? This one will get you feeling festive
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1 Plum tree, £29.99, from Sainsbury’s.

Looking for something a little different this year? This plum-coloured tree is certainly eye-catching.

It’s 6ft tall too – big enough to take centre stage in any home this Christmas.

2 Woodland pine tree, £20, from B&Q.

It’s a good shape, nice height and won’t break the budget – perfect for bringing out of the loft at this time of year.

3 Gold lattice bauble tree, £10, from Next (pictured on the front of Family Life).

Not every home has room for a full-size tree but don’t let that stop you from joining in with the festive fun.

This miniature-sized tree needs no extra decoration and will happily sit on a window sill or mantelpiece.

4 Black ash tree, £9.99, from Argos.

The beauty of buying an artificial tree is that it really doesn’t have to be traditional green.

This year’s must-have colour scheme is black and gold so this five-foot tree will guarantee your house is looking fashionable as well as festive.

5 Green pre-lit tree, £26.25, from Asda.

This is a great choice for anyone who doesn’t like unravelling long lengths of Christmas lights as you don’t need any.

It’s lit with 120 LEDs and the branches are arranged to give a full, tidy, Christmas tree shape.

The four-pronged stand also means it’s extra sturdy.

6 M&S pink tree, £15.

Unashamedly girly and the perfect size for smaller homes.

Standing tall at 3ft, it’s big enough to decorate and the price tag won’t break the bank either.

7 Ready-to-dress Christmas tree, £50, from (pictured above)

Standing proud at 6ft tall, this artificial tree should see you good for years to come.

It comes with its own stand and has boughs big enough to hang plenty of baubles.

8 Luxury tree, £47.99, from

This 4ft tree comes decorated with its own beautiful pine cones.

It comes in two sections so it’s easy to slot together and even has colour-coded branches to make putting it up year after year a doddle.

The green metal base gives the tree a good support.

9 Fibre optic tree, £48, from

No need to buy separate fairy lights with this one.

The ‘gleam’ tree comes kitted out with its own fibre optics to add the necessary sparkle.

Big, bushy and 4ft tall, this could be the artificial tree for you and your family.

10 Six-foot tree, £55, from M&S.

This one is nice and slim so, although it’s tall, it will still fit into a tight space, leaving plenty of room to manoeuvre.

It’s not the cheapest artificial tree on the market. But if you can afford to shell out now it should see you through many more Christmases to come.