The Ten Best: Cycle safety equipment

Bike SpokeLit
Bike SpokeLit
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Things to make life easier for you

1 Bike SpokeLit – £7.99 from

Stick one of these on your spokes and as you pedal it’ll produce a light show that’s certain to get you noticed.

These multi-coloured hues work in tandem with your regular lights and, as you pedal, will blur into a solid ring of light. Plus it’s waterproof and shockproof – fantastic.

2 High visibility reflective children’s waistcoat – £4.99 from Halfords.

Pick from pink, yellow or green – just make sure young cyclists are wearing one of these. Alongside a helmet, a hi-vis waistcoat is an essential bit of kit.

3 Denon AH-W150 – £149.99 from

These top-end earphones have a seven-hour rechargeable battery and integrated controls and microphones for on-the-go use, reducing your need to go hunting for the buttons and dials.

4 Winkku bicycle lights, mirror and indicators – £29.99 from

This is the first combined flashing indicator and mirror for cycles, offering unique safety benefits. When mounted on the handlebars, the Winkku is clearly visible to other road users, even in daylight.

5 Alarmio personal cable lock – £14.95 from

This motion-sensitive alarm cable is a must for anyone with a bike of worth. It features a 100-decibel alarm as well as two motion-sensitivity settings, so if anyone tries to tamper with your bike, it’s sure to let others know.

6 Reflective socks – £14.99 from

Head-slappingly simple, these socks come with a reflective patch to increase your visibility as you cycle.

7 Reflective rucksack cover – £5.95 from Asda.

Pull on one of these over school bags and rucksacks to increase your ability to be seen on the roads in seconds.

8 Cateye SL110 – £19.99 from

There’s no way you should go on the open road without lights on your bike. So for almost £20, this front and back set will help ensure that you are seen at all times – totally necessary.

9 Reflective trouser clips – £3.40 from

Keep flapping trouser legs out of the way with a pair of sensible and safe reflective clips.

10 Cycle Speaker – £39.95 from

This cycle speaker is powered by lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, so the tunes keep on playing. It also has a FM radio and micro SD card.