The ten best golf gadgets

Improve your game with the SensoGlove
Improve your game with the SensoGlove
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Things to make life easier and better for you.

Anyone who has ever carried a set of clubs from the garage to the car will have considered acquiring an electric assistant such as this. This UK-made one comes in a variety of colours and has the option of a long-lasting lithium battery.

2 Star Wars club covers, £19.99, from

Choose your favourite Star Wars character – Darth Vader, Yoda or Chewbacca – to help keep your clubs in top condition. Sporting the trio of covers atop your golfing arsenal will show others your not-so-serious side, as well as keeping your clubs clean and dry.

3 Masters 15ft golf ball retriever, £12.99, from JJB Sports

Fancy yourself as the next Darren Clarke – but haven’t quite got the skills to match? This adjustable, swivel-headed, ball retriever uses lightweight telescopic technology to reach up to 15ft with ease.

4 SensoGlove, £49.99, from

Inside these high-tech gloves are a multitude of sensors that measure, in real time, the pressure you’re exerting on to your club. Over exertion has a direct bearing on the quality of your swing – so it’s imperative you get to grips with perfecting yours. The information is relayed to the on-board computer, which will tell you with sounds and visuals when you’re doing too much and where you should ease off. It will also let you store personal grip settings when you get that hole in one.

5 Masters golf round score counter, £4.99, from

Keep track of your score with this handy dial counter – a perfect, affordable, present for the golf nut in your life.

6 Green Pro Golf Accessory, £14.95 from

This multi-purpose gadget has seven tricks for you to show off as you make your way around the green. It’ll retrieve your ball and fix pitchmarks when you stick it on the end of your putter.

7 Longridge golf swing trainer, £17.96, from Argos

Need to get some extra practice in? The swing trainer will help you develop good habits without having to go off and retrieve your ball every two minutes.

8 RoboCup, £34.95, from

Watching the professionals sinking those long-distance putts over undulating greens is really impressive, and the only way to replicate their success is with practice. The RoboCup sits inside the hole and when you sink your putt, the clever slinger will return your ball up to 14 feet – about 15,000 times.

9 Three-in-one cleaning tool, £2.95, from

Use the groove cleaner for woods and irons, the nylon brush for woods and the brass brush for irons.

10 Caddyaid Golf Mobile GPS, £49.95, from

If knowledge is power then with this application downloaded to your mobile you’ll be making a meteoric rise from bogey to birdie very quickly. Data is sent via GPS to your handset to provide you with tour graphics of golf courses you want to play, and it will show you how far you are standing from key areas on the hole, such as the green, bunkers and ditches. Best of all, it’s available for every UK course.