The ten best home cinema kits

Lights, camera, action! Every home cinema needs a plentiful supply of popcorn
Lights, camera, action! Every home cinema needs a plentiful supply of popcorn
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Things to make life easier and better for you.

1 Retro popcorn maker – £29.99 from (pictured right)

This machine uses the power of hot air to pop the corn, making it a healthier alternative to oil.

The smell of this tasty treat will help transform the ambience of your home into a cinema – and it can make up a batch in just four minutes.

2 Sky HD 1TB Box – £149 plus £30.25 a month for new customers. See

Sky’s latest offering is this mighty one-terabyte box, which offers access to more than 50 high-definition channels. It’s also set for 3D and Anytime+ programming, giving you films at your fingertips.

3 Blockbuster membership card – free in store

If the expensive kit isn’t for you, sign up to a DVD rental scheme instead.

You’ll have to pay for the films you rent but there’s no charge for joining, so the latest Hollywood hit can be yours for less than a cinema ticket.

4 Beacon universal remote – £55.90 from

Easy to set up, this will give you control of your TV, stereo and other home entertainment sets in moments.

5 Three-seater in red microfibre – £3,449.99 from (pictured on the front of Family Life)

OK, so this will take up a fair bit of space and cost you a pretty penny, but it’s the height of comfort. It includes a motorised recliner to adjust the back and foot rests, plus a 10-point massage system, in-seat heating and the option of a mini fridge.

6 Sony DAVDZ135 DVD home theatre system – £149.99, from

With this home theatre system you can enjoy surround sound and watch DVDs upscaled for better picture quality.

7 Popcorn holder – £1.95 from

Serve your cinema treats in style with these candy-striped holders.

Perfect for parties and film buffs.

8 Orbitsound T12 – £299 from

This sleek unit can fill your room with excellent cinematic sound from your iPod, iPhone or TV.

9 Reclining bean bag – £46.49, from

It would be great to have a celebrity-style home cinema in the lounge but most of us don’t have the space, or cash. Instead, make sure you’ve got a giant bean bag to let you watch films in comfort.

10 Loewe Individual 3D – from £2,695 at

One of the best-looking 3DTV sets on the market – plus an integrated Freeview tuner.