The Ten Best: iPhone accessories

Lock your stuff in this portable Tardis
Lock your stuff in this portable Tardis
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Things to make life better and easier for you.

1 Spiderpodium – £14.95 from

This eight-legged rubber-hugger will grip your handset and create about the most effective phone stand on the market – and about the best looking one, too.

Available in multiple hues, this device lets you easily attach your handset in-car, in-kitchen and, in-fact, just about anywhere.

2 Numark iDJ Live Software Controller – £74.99 from (pictured on the front of Family Life)

Once you’ve docked your iPhone into this smart-looking turntable, you can mix up your tunes in the privacy of your own home. Using your iTunes library, two decks, a central console with crossfader, and a selection of other buttons and dials, it gives you a professional DJ set-up.

3 Keep Calm and Carry On cover – £3.95 from

If you’re looking to personalise your iPhone but don’t want to spend a fortune, this hard-case cover could be the thing for you.

4 Griffin aircurve amplifying dock – £5 from Tesco

This handy gadget will acoustically amplify the built-in speaker without the need for speakers or electricity.

5 Retro mobile phone handset – £12.99 from (pictured below)

This blast from the past is actually a really helpful addition to any smartphone accessory collection.

By enabling you to take calls without lifting up your mobile, you can still access your diary, address book and other info on your smartphone while you’re having a chat.

6 Duo Lens – £19.95 from

Want to take great snaps on your phone without having to lug about multiple lenses?

Just clip one of these smart gizmos on to your device’s camera lens to take impressive imagery.

7 Rabito Apple iPhone case – £6.39 from

Cute rabbit ears and a fluffy tail make this case a great conversation starter and a practical way to keep your expensive iPhone safe and sound.

8 Doctor Who Tardis Smart Safe – £29.99 from (main picture)

An extraordinary gadget that lets you stash your stuff safely. After setting your smartphone up with a pass code, you place items inside the Tardis, then secure it, leaving your phone slotted into the top of the box.

When you’re ready to take your things out, just tap your pass number into your phone and the door will open.

9 Mi Train Journey Smartphone Display – £19.99 from

Film your own out-of-window experience on a train trip or download somebody elses, then slot your smartphone into this device and press play. It is quite astounding how very useless yet addictive this gadget is.

10 Dancing lion – £59.99 from

What about this for a quirky gift? Once connected he will sing and dance along to all your favourite songs.