The ten best pocket money playthings

Scoobits are all set to become a hit
Scoobits are all set to become a hit
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1 Moshling blind bag – £1.99 each at

If you’ve not heard of the latest craze sweeping the nation, where have you been?

Moshi Monsters is the social network for kids at the moment and its line up of merchandise extends from trading cards to talking characters.

Each of these packs contains two cute and collectable Moshlings.

2 Scoobits – £3.99 each from (pictured right)

For those making their way to the school gates for the first time on that preferred mode of transport, the micro scooter, here’s something to brighten up the ride.

All-new Scoobits come in half-a-dozen character variants to add to your scooter. Swappable and squidgy, what’s not to like?

3 LEGO minifigures – £2 from

Series five is now out with another 16 highly desirable minifigures to collect.

The new characters have an accessory each, so you can swap them around with your previous purchases for fun, and they all come with a display plate and collectors’ sheet.

4 Stretchy aliens – 99p each from

These colourful, stretchy aliens can be pulled to extraordinary lengths – and will pop back into shape when you let go. A satisfying way to spend any loose change burning a hole in their pocket.

5 Play-Doh Fun Factory – £4.99 from

The squishy modelling clay is experiencing a revival and the Fun Factory is the perfect way to introduce younger generations to its charms. Two tubs of Play-Doh plus a shape presser = hours of low-cost fun.

6 Playmobil Fi?ures – £2 from (pictured on the front of Family Life)

The runaway success of LEGO has seen Playmobil jump on the collectables bandwagon with their new Fi?ures (that’s right, with a question mark).

Split into boys and girls ranges, there’s plenty of interchangeable body parts, indulging your desire to put a chef’s hat on a bandit and give him an electric guitar.

7 Smurfs Grab ‘Ems figures – £3.99 from Toys R Us

After the success of this year’s The Smurfs film, the white hat-wearing blue folk have found a new legion of fans.

Each of these figures feature in the film and all have poseable arms and legs.

8 BeyBlade Metal Fusion characters – £6.15 each from WH Smith

These Japanese Manga characters are still going strong.

There are seven to collect and each pack contains extras, including an energy ring and spin track.

9 Bumpeez Booster Foil Pack – £2 from

The collect and swap method is tried and tested but you can play more than 25 games with these and create your own online collector’s album.

10 Morbs – £2.50 from

Setting this one apart from the crowd are the playsets that add an extra dimension to these ping-pong-esque balls.