The ten best: Sandwich Gadgets

Enjoy cafe-style sandwiches at home with this fancy but affordable Breville sandwich maker
Enjoy cafe-style sandwiches at home with this fancy but affordable Breville sandwich maker
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Things to make life better and easier for you.

1 Cuisinart deep stuff sandwich maker – £49.95 from

This sandwich maker has been expertly designed to be stylish and practical for the home.

With a stainless steel finish, it has the all-important deep-fill plates to seal in your filling of choice.

2 Valira Nomad lunch bag – £35 from

This top-class carry-bag is the ideal transportation system for your sarnies.

With a hard casing and insulated material on the inside, the included container is leak-proof and airtight, making it perfect for lunch on the go.

3 Good Grips Spreader – £5.11 from

If you are serious about sandwiches, it’s vital that every inch of your bread is covered with your favourite filling.

Help is at hand with this spreader. The wide, curved blade, with easy-to-grip handle, makes it stand out from the rest.

4 Star-shaped sandwich cutter – £2.99 from

The kids will love these simple sandwich cutters.

Just plunge into a slice of bread to create a pretty (crustless) star-shaped sarnie.

5 Breville VST025 – £29.99 from

With this cafe-style sandwich press, you can create Italian-inspired treats using fancy breads such as ciabatta and focaccia.

If cheese-filled paninis are your favourite lunchtime meal, the non-stick, easy-to-clean plates make this device perfect for you.

6 Toaster bags – £4.79 from

This resuable pack of two non-stick toaster bags will come in handy for those who don’t want to buy a hot sandwich maker.

7 Reusable sandwich wrapper – £4.99 from

These eco-friendly wrappers mean you don’t need to use cling film, foil or throw-away bags again.

The cotton wraps fold neatly and fasten with a Velcro strip.

8 Essentials sandwich toaster – £7.99 from

This piece of kit allows you to sample the delights of a toasted sandwich without denting your wallet.

9 Union Jack sandwich flags – £3.99 for 200 from

Throwing a Diamond Jubilee street party? Delight your guests with these inexpensive extras.

10 Children’s lunch cooler – £4 from Sainsbury’s

This brightly-coloured lunch bag will keep those schooltime sarnies cool.