The ten best things for Lego lovers

These quirky LEGO storage heads are bound to be a hit
These quirky LEGO storage heads are bound to be a hit

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Things to make life better and easier for you.

1 LEGO Boombox – £39.95 from

At an impressive 10 times the size of a standard eight-stud LEGO building brick, this boombox can belt out a decent sound. This stylish shelf-filler includes a CD player, AM/FM radio and audio jack to plug in your MP3 player. The studs on the top are used as controllers for sound and tuning and the range also includes an alarm clock version (sold separately).

2 LEGO Storage Heads – from £15.99 at

It isn’t hard to imagine how eye-catching one or more of these oversized LEGO heads might look in your abode.

Pack them with just about anything and not only do they make an interesting display, but an ideal de-cluttering device.

3 James May’s LEGO house, £9.99, from

Take a truly technicolour tour of one of the most remarkable construction projects of 2009 in all its architectural glory.

James May lived a childhood dream by designing, building and sleeping in a quite stunning full-size house inspired by and completely made from LEGO – and this book recreates it in photographs.

4 Minifigure Alarm Clocks – £26.49 from

This range of minifigures teams LEGO with another powerful childhood memory – Star Wars.

The Anakin, Yoda, Stormtrooper and Darth Vader-themed figures come with fully poseable limbs as well as a snooze function which is operated by pressing on the head of the figure. Surely these figures will be populating every corner of the Empire very soon?

5 LEGO iPod docking station, £40, from

Tech-savvy big kids will love this one.

6 LEGO Multi Basket – £19.99 from

This product may have a fancy name, but it does come with a rather splendid lid. Available in four colours, these are ideal for the office and home.

7 LEGO Drinking Bottle – £9.99 from

This straightforward plastic bottle has been designed with two purposes in mind: first, to keep your water, cordials, juices and cocktails safe for accompanying packed lunches or picnics; and second, to make others coo as they see it.

8 Brick light, £7.99, from

This battery-operated light can be mounted on the wall or free standing.

9 Key Light Keyring – £7.50 from

Twice the size of a regular minifigure, this keyring-based version hides two LEDs in the base of the feet – handy when you need an emergency torch to help you get into your house or car late at night. Otherwise, just move his poseable arms and legs and let him sit there, lights ablaze.

10 Children’s LEGO cutlery set, £11.99, from

Mix food with play with this knife, fork and spoon set. The pieces click together by the handles and come in the bright colours LEGO is famous for.