‘The younger generation are our future’

Sam Poole
Sam Poole
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Hello, my name’s Sam and this is my new weekly column where I’ll be talking about life from a teenage perspective.

We often hear people saying: ‘The younger generation are our future’ and we’re inspired to think ‘yes, we are!’

But if we’re so great and really are the future, do we actually get a say in what happens?

Young people obviously can’t vote, but we shouldn’t let this discourage us.

There are so many opportunities available so that we can be a part of and have a say in what happens in relation to us and our lives.

There are numerous representative groups, such as the Portsmouth Youth Parliament, The Big Change, John Pounds Trust, The Respect Programme and many more that work with groups of young people to be of benefit to us all.

Parks, youth clubs, the beach, swimming, cinema, bowling, the bandstand and skating are just some of the things young people can get involved with in and around the city.

You know, organisers actually respect feedback from young people on things that they do for us.

A little comment towards them here and there can make a big difference, helping to improve things.

As young people, we may not wish to chase after organisers as we’d rather be doing our own thing.

But it’s so important that we all stand up for what we believe is needed.

Together, let’s strive to prevent our restrictions affecting us and turn all of them into triumphs.

Can young people really make a difference?

Yes we can!

We were singing in the rain

The cold, miserable, dull weather is closing in fast and completely changes the way we feel – so it’s important to reflect back on those things that have made us smile.

On one occasion I was walking home from Fratton train station with a few of my friends.

We’d been to IKEA in Southampton, the rain was belting down and we only had a small trolley in which to carry a rather large chest of drawers that we’d bought.

But we saw the funny side of the situation and began to sing Singing in the Rain.

Then, to make it even funnier, I managed to trip over the chest.

So if you get wet and cold this autumn, remember a humorous time that you’ve had and try to laugh.

You’ll have a much better day. Honest!

Sixteen-year-old Sam Poole is a student at South Downs College and is the Deputy Member of Youth Parliament for Portsmouth. Sam lives in Milton. Follow Sam on Twitter @shjpoole