‘They’re special people, always happy to listen’

(L-r) Chandrakant Patel, Pauline Fauset and Jyotika Patel.''Picture: Allan Hutchings (122078-588)
(L-r) Chandrakant Patel, Pauline Fauset and Jyotika Patel.''Picture: Allan Hutchings (122078-588)
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We all need a shoulder to cry on and people who are willing to listen when times are tough. And that’s exactly what Pauline Fauset needed when her father George Wyles was diagnosed with cancer.

Thankfully, Chandrakant Patel and his wife Jyotika, who run Venthams Chemist, in Copnor Road, Copnor, were there to help.

When George found it difficult to get out and about, the couple made sure his medication was delivered to his house.

And on days when Pauline popped into the store for supplies, they took the time to chat to her and make her feel better.

After George, 89, died in March last year, Pauline was faced with the challenge of looking after her mum Alma Wyles, 88, who suffers from a heart condition and dementia.

But the Patels have been a constant source of support – and now Pauline wants to thank them for all their selfless actions.

Pauline, who lives in North End, says: ‘They are amazing really.

‘They’re willing to help anyone and make their life easier.

‘My mum is only one of the many people they help on a day-to-day basis and her drugs are constantly changing. It must be hard going for them.’

Pauline has used Venthams Chemist for the past 24 years.

‘They continue to support me in every way possible,’ she adds.

‘I pop in the store and we can have a good chat about life and have a great laugh too.

‘They’re always willing to listen.’

She adds: ‘Chandrakant is a lovely man who is quietly spoken.

‘He and his wife employ lovely staff in the shop too.

‘They are special people and I’ve built up a rapport with them.’

Chandrakant, who has run Venthams Chemist with his wife for the past 28 years, says: ‘We’ve known Pauline for a very long time – we’ve seen her kids grow up.

‘We’re there for her and her family. They’ve become close friends of ours.’

He adds: ‘We strive to help all of our customers, but it’s nice to be recognised by someone who means a lot to us.’

Chandrakant, 56, of Bedhampton, explains: ‘At the end of the day we’re just doing our job.

‘We wouldn’t be in this line of work if we weren’t interested in helping others in the community.

‘‘We’ve been here for a long time and you get to know everyone who lives in the area, which is nice.

‘You see how families develop and change.’