Time for my ghostly garden cavortings

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No Caption ABCDE PPP-140929-114119001
Ben Chudley''Ben Chudley warming up for his double event

Meet the runner ‘raffling off’ his body - with the winner choosing words for tattoo

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Greetings Chipsters. Halloween is just four weeks away and I’m sure you’re already getting into the mood for this the first of our many winter festivals.

I’ve slipped into the darkest recesses of my kennel to get into the spirit of spooking and being spooked by all the ghoulish spirits which will haunt us on October 31.

My big, clumsy paws are not ideal for crafts, but I’m beginning to cut out some eyes, a nose and a scary mouth from one of Mama Chipper’s old sheets. Then I shall throw it over my fur, stand on my hind legs and cavort around the shrubbery going wooooooooooohooooo in my best ghostly growl

Did you know the word halloween or hallowe’en dates to about 1745. It means hallowed evening or holy evening.

On the night you might be out tricking or treating or carving a pumpkin into a grimacing, flickering Jack-o-lantern – more about that next week.

It’s the night when witches are supposed to fly around the sky on their broomsticks, just like the one here. She looks quite friendly doesn’t she? So why not colour her in and send it to me when you’ve finished.

Chip, chip for now. Chipper.


It’s my favourite part of the week – the moment when, with a big rattle of my bowl, I announce the winners of our latest competition.

This week I’ve got six Chipsters’ names to pull out of the golden bowl.

So, stand by, here goes... and the winners of the fabulous Legends Of Oz DVD are: Ruby Webdale (1910); 585 Trinity White (585); Isabella Higgs (375); Mollie-Jo Cook (1600); Alex Johnson (429), and Zak McDonald (143).

Don’t worry if you didn’t win - have a go at the competition below and see if you can win a family ticket to the theatre.