Time to say goodbye to my canine treats

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This week’s greeting comes to you from a very determined dog. You see, for the first time in my life I’ve decided to give something up for Lent.

I’ve never been one for giving up my creature comforts, but after getting in to next door’s dustbin and feasting on all their delicious leftover pancakes, I found it hard to squeeze back through my usual gap in the fence.

It made me realise that perhaps I’m starting to get a little larger than the average dog. There’s only so long I can get away with telling people that it’s just extra fluff, because, truth be told, I’m starting to lose that too in my old age. Not that I’m old you understand, just older than I was. I think it’s the stress of dealing with those pesky felines every day.

Anyway, back to the point. Of all the treats I enjoy, my favourite are bonios. The trouble is I enjoy them far too much, which I think is the reason for my, ahem, fence mishap the other evening. I’m almost a week in, and do you know what friends? It’s going quite well.

I know, I know, what more would you expect from a strong and defiant dog like myself? But don’t congratulate me just yet. I still have a long three weeks left and I’m going out to The Water Bowl with the dogs from down the street tomorrow evening.

I’ll have to show a lot of willpower, as the evening always ends with a hefty portion of those biscuits from the takeaway kennel at the top of the road and I know I’ll be tempted. That kennel serves the best bonios in town.

It’s making a difference though. My collar is already a little looser. I’ll be back through that fence in no time.


It’s my favourite time of the week again, the moment when I can reveal the winners of my latest competition.

This week three lucky Chipsters have won an Unbeatables goody bag.

So, in no particular order ,the trio are:

n Mia Roberts (914)

n Teegan-May Schlieder (1401)

n Bailey Young (2023)

Well done all three of you.

If you weren’t among the lucky winners, don’t despair.

Why not have a go at this week’s competition to win a Home gift set?

Chip chip for now, Chipper.