Togetherness is the key to a lasting love

Keith and June Rowe
Keith and June Rowe
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David Curwen, centre, hugs his mother with whom he wa sreunited. Completing the group is his brother Keith

THIS WEEK IN 1975: Reunited after 30 years – but only thanks to a kind stranger

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It wasn’t just one chance meeting that led to the marriage of June and Keith Rowe, but two.

Before the Second World War ended in 1945, a social evening was attended by June, who was in the Girls Training Corps, and Keith, who was in the Air Training Corps, now known as the Air Cadets.

Keith and June Rowe

Keith and June Rowe

At a social there was a rule in place that guests could only pick up refreshments if they went as boy and girl.

June and Keith were placed together and soon became firm friends.

They carried on going to evenings together with their other friends, but in 1947 Keith was called up into the RAF.

A chance meeting two years later at a fair on Portsdown Hill led to the two becoming reacquainted, and this coming Thursday they will be celebrating 60 happy years together.

The diamond couple were married on July 26, 1952, at St Margaret’s Church in Southsea.

Now both 83 and living in Cosham, they have many happy memories of their married life together to celebrate.

Keith says: ‘If I could sum up why it works, I would say it’s togetherness.

‘We’ve always done everything together and it has been remarkable for all these years, and hopefully for many years to come.

‘It’s amazing when I look back and think just how different it could have been if we didn’t bump into each other.

‘We got off the bus at the fair and I literally bumped into June and her friend as they got off another bus.’

Keith went on to work in engineering while June stayed at home to raise their two sons, Martin and Adrian, before working part-time as a secretary.

The couple now have three grandchildren, Sara, Christopher and Susanna.

To celebrate the anniversary, family are coming down from Yorkshire and Romsey to celebrate with June and Keith at a special meal.

It’s already been a big year for the family as Christopher married wife Sarah in March – and Susanna will tie the knot with fiancé Johnny in August.