Top 10 alarm clocks

Retro fans will love this arcade-style alarm clock
Retro fans will love this arcade-style alarm clock
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1 Bird alarm – £29.99 from

The gentle sound of birdsong is thought to be soothing – especially compared to a beeping alarm clock.

This rather stylish-looking clock provides cheeping, warbling and chirping from the wilderness, recorded in rural Japan. Perfect for a relaxing start to the day

2 Voco alarm clock – £19.99 from

How do you fancy stirring from your slumber to the soothing sound of Stephen Fry’s voice?

The Voco will initially alert you to the start of the day with gentle birdsong.

Then you’ll hear a discreet cough, before moving on to, ‘Good morning’, and the final delivery will be one of 50 classic one-liners, as recorded by the velvety-toned Fry.

3 Traditional alarm clock, £8, from Matalan.

This retro-look clock has no fancy gadgets but it’s practical, stylish and cheap.

4 Tocky alarm clock – £49.95 from

If you’re one of the many people who suffer from repetitive snooze button disorder, this clock could be the perfect choice to get you up and about instantly.

Tocky makes the sounds to remove you from a slumber – but then it rolls away and attempts to hide. The only solution is to discard the duvet, catch Tocky, and switch it off. You can even upload MP3 files or record your own wake-up messages.

5 Arcade alarm clock – £13.99 from

Set up via the old school joystick and buttons on the front, the sounds with which the clock will awaken you are of the retro arcade variety, with added shoot-em-up effects on top.

6 Shake and Wake alarm clock – £15.99 from

Does your partner really need to be woken up when you do?

Keep your other half happy by sticking one of these vibration devices on your wrist or under the pillow and try an alternative to audible alarms, allowing others to stay in the land of nod for longer.

7 Pac-Man alarm clock, £10.68 from

Wake up to the authentic sounds of Pac-Man and let the iconic, bright yellow face, make you smile.

8 Monkey alarm clock – £6.99 from Argos.

Not even the laziest of souls will be able to ignore this very cheeky monkey for long.

When this one starts to bang his cymbals, your kids will leap out of bed to make him stop.

9 Aurora clock – £11.99 from

Brighten up those dark mornings with the ambient light of this colour change clock.

It’s far more aesthetically pleasing than the boring old digital clocks usually found on bedside tables.

10 Darth Vader minifigure alarm clock – £23.99 from

This LEGO minifigure is just one in a fantastic line-up of characters available as bedside assistants – others include Yoda, Jack Sparrow, Buzz Lightyear and Woody.

Strike them into a pose with their moveable legs and to activate the backlight or snooze functions you press down on the head.