Top 10 modern board games

The whole family will enjoy playing Beat the Parents
The whole family will enjoy playing Beat the Parents
Pat and Dave Southern are celebrating thier diamond wedding annivserary ''Picture by:  Malcolm Wells (180419-1480)

DIAMOND WEDDING: ‘We’re so happy, we’d do it all over again if we could’

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1 5 Second Rule – £12.99 from

It should be easy enough to name three breeds of dog, shouldn’t it? Well, not when the spiral timer is counting you down and there are only five precious seconds to complete your turn. This new game is frantic and fast-paced.

2 Bananagrams – £10.68 from

This is a Scrabble-ish style of game but doesn’t need a board – just the fruit-shaped package of tiles and a flat surface. Play with up to eight people, take tiles and try to make as many words as you can.

3 Eggheads – £11.99 from

Based on the popular BBC TV show, this board game is ideal for those who want to enjoy the challenge of a pub quiz, from the comfort of their sofa.

4 Dino Bite – £19.99 from

This one’s a bit like Hungry Hippos for dinosaur fans. Players must rescue the dino babies before the roaring T-Rex strikes.

5 Rory’s Story Cubes – £9.99 from

Each set contains nine cubes, each one with six different images on it. To play, just give them a shake, roll them on the floor and then use your imagination to make up your own story. Line up the cubes in the order that they appear and let rip with your wildest yarn.

6 App-Player Board Game – £19.99 from

This crossover game takes the best of technology and combines it with an element of old-school play. Ditch the spinners, cards and dice and use your iPhone to power the play instead.

Use the one board with a range of downloadable apps to play up to four different games – and keep score using the counters on the cross-shaped board.

7 MONOPOLY Portsmouth – £24.97 from

This edition brings an old favourite to life. Instead of racing around the streets of London you’ll be buying up Pompey’s landmarks – including the historic dockyard and Gunwharf Quays – instead.

8 Beat The Parents – £14.97 from

This trivia game is designed with the entire family in mind and pits parents against their children in a fair and fun way.

The elders get asked questions that kids generally know the answers to and vice-versa.

9 LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts board game – £24.99 from

Combining two favourites – LEGO and Harry Potter – is a genius idea. This board game will bring the characters to life and features a wind-up motor in the clock for real swinging pendulum action.

10 Blokus – £22.97 from

Making its mark around the world through word of mouth, this strategy-based game is a great one.

The idea is simply get more of your coloured pieces on the board while blocking off your opponents.

Each piece played must touch at least one other piece of the same colour, but only at the corners – it will soon become one of the greats.