Top 10 shopping bags

Flamingo shopper
Flamingo shopper

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1 Pineapple bag, £7, from Next.

Brighten up your shopping experience with this cheap and cheerful bag.

2 Spot bag, £4, from Cath Kidston.

There’s no need to take home plastic carrier bags if you arm yourself with a reusable bag before you leave home. This spotty number from interiors queen Cath Kidston won’t break the bank – but can be used time and time again.

3 Kevin the Crow shopper, £12, from

Need a hand with your shopping? Kevin the crow is here to help. The funky picture has been screenprinted onto the 100 per cent cotton tote bag by hand.

Kevin’s perfect for those who like to do their supermarket shop in style.

4 Foldable tote bag with clip, £3.59, from

This bright and breezy bag folds away into its own little pouch which can then be clipped to the inside of your handbag or briefcase. No excuses for leaving it at home then.

5 Flamingo shopper, £15, from Accessorize

Deep enough to carry all your stuff in and pretty enough not to look out of place – this shopper is bound to be a hit.

6 Envirosax reuseable bag, £6.50, from the RSPB.

These shopping bags are made from durable, light-weight polyester and are washable, so can be used over and over again.

The generous 50 x 40 cm bag has wide handles that won’t cut into your hands and it folds down to fit in your pocket.

7 Gecco easy shopping bag, £5.95, from

This bag offers maximum shopping space, clips into your supermarket trolley and comes with its very own storage bag.

8 Recycled shopper, £11.99, from

This recycled bag is lined with bright red cotton poplin and features two inner pockets. Good for those who want to up their eco-credentials.

9 Harrods signature shopper, £17.95.

If you require something really special from your shopper, the iconic green design of the Harrods bag should be right up your street.

10 Bright green shopper, £20, from Simply Be.

Carry your cans around in this eye-catching, durable, shopping bag.