Top ten garden chairs

This deckchair from The Contemporary Home is perfect for summer.
This deckchair from The Contemporary Home is perfect for summer.
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1. Bright striped deckchair, £49.99, from The Contemporary Home (

Make sure you can put your feet up in style with this great deckchair/sunlounger – pictured right. The foldable design makes it perfect for parties and barbecues while the colourful pattern makes it an attractive buy.

2. Tesco Direct festival chair, £15.

If sitting on the ground isn’t your thing, this short-legged festival chair will still have you low to the grass while providing you with a comfy seat. Funky and eye-catching, the price is good too.

3. Classic wooden deckchair with hand-printed seat, £69.99, from The Gifted Penguin.

This traditional-style frame and canvas deckchair doesn’t come cheap but if you’re looking for something quirky the candy stripe print might be just up your street.

4. Folding chair, £19, from

Looking for a traditional, folding chair? This camping seat will do the job nicely. Easy to put up and easy to store, it’s a camper’s dream.

5. Multi position recliner with cushion, £24.99, from Argos.

There are six stages of recline to choose from and a comfy cushioned seat to enjoy.

6. Wideboy, £159, from Southsea Deckchairs (

This double deckchair is perfect for those who find separate chairs just won’t do the job. Big enough for two, it’s the cosiest way to enjoy a deckchair.

7. Sicily folding chair/sunlounger, £39.99, from Homebase.

Ever wanted your reclining deckchair to go back just that little bit further? This folding chair will oblige.

8. Outwell comfort chair, £34.95, from

The circular design means you’ll get plenty of room to stretch out and it folds away neatly.

9. Brommo recliner, £27.56, from IKEA.

You’d expect a stylish design and the Brommo doesn’t disappoint. The classy wooden frame will mean you’ll never want to pack it away in your shed.

10. Fatboy outdoor beanbag, £225, from – pictured left.

There’s enough room for two people, the cover is dirt and water repellent and it features a strap and sail ring that lets you lounge in a sitting position.