Top ten teas

There's nothing like a brew to make you feel better
There's nothing like a brew to make you feel better
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1 Moroccan mint tea, £3.95, for 15 bags from We Are Tea.

This award-winning tea is a perfect balance of green tea and peppermint leaf. Refreshing, reviving and inspiring, mint is also great for the digestion. Try it hot or cold for Marrakech in a cup.

2 Redbush tea, £1.79 for 40 bags, from The Red Bush Tea Company.

Fans of The No 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency books will already be familiar with the delights of Redbush. This South African rooibos tea is naturally caffeine free and low in tannin, with an enticing aroma and a sweet delicate flavour.

3 Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference Earl Grey, £1.39, for 50 bags.

Earl Grey’s not to everyone’s taste but with its delicate flavour of Bergamot it does make for a good brew. Serve it with milk or lemon.

4 Russian caravan tea, £2.60 for 50 bags, from Whittards.

This strong and traditional blend gets its name from the 17th century when camel caravans transported tea from China to Europe. It’s aromatic and full-bodied with a sweet, malty taste.

5 Rose Pouchong, £10, from Fortnum and Mason.

If you like the finer things in life try this tea from China. Rose petals are interleaved with the tea as it dries, and a few are left in for decoration. The fragrant and delicate flavour is best enjoyed in the afternoon.

6 Lady Grey, £2.60 for 25 bags, from Twinings.

More delicate and fragrant than the famous Earl Grey, this black tea is scented with oil of bergamot, lemon peel and orange peel. Lady Grey tea was named after Mary Elizabeth Grey, the wife of Charles Grey – the man who Earl Grey tea is named after.

7 Loose white tea, £3.75, from Whittard.

White tea is the least processed form of tea and therefore contains more nutrients. It is made from the youngest buds and softest leaves of the Camellia Sinensis, which are left to dry naturally in the clean mountain air. Pale gold in colour, its flavour is delicate, sweet and light.

8 Clipper chamomile tea bags, £1.29 for 20 bags, from Holland and Barratt.

There’s lots of herbal teas and all aim to help with different symptoms and complaints. Try chamomile for its calming effect, as well as it’s taste.

9 Twinings English breakfast tea, £2.60, for 50 bags.

There’s nothing like a good brew to start the day with and English Breakfast is one of the best blends. Bright, full-bodied and perfect for clearing away cobwebs.

10 Clipper green tea, £2.79, for 80 bags.

Hydrating, calorie free and rich in antioxidants, it’s no wonder Green tea is the UK’s fastest growing tea. This best-selling blend is delicious, light and refreshing.