Traffic troubles didn’t spoil Paul and Sarah’s day

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Imagine being a nervous groom waiting for your bride at the altar. Wringing your hands and looking at your watch, it can be an anxious wait for any man.

Paul Thomas was kept waiting for nearly an hour at the Spinnaker Tower as his future wife, Sarah Murphy, raced across Portsmouth.

Traffic throughout the city had ground to a complete standstill and it was swelteringly hot. It was getting to the point where she was considering walking in her wedding dress – until Gunwharf Quays security came to her rescue.

Sarah, 31, says: ‘They led me in the car all the way through the middle of the centre. We went past all the shops and the bars.

‘I could hear people shouting congratulations and applauding me as we drove through.’

With no other way of getting Sarah to the altar, the staff took matters into their own hands and gave her a memorable end to her journey.

She adds: ‘Being stuck in traffic ended up making my day, otherwise we would have gone through the service road.’

Now living in Portchester, Sarah and Paul loved their special day, with Sarah saying: ‘It was better than I thought it could have been.

‘It was absolutely perfect.’

Sarah first met Paul, 37, in 2004, in a pub before a Pompey match, as they are both big fans.

He proposed in 2011 while they were on holiday in Spain.

Sarah says: ‘It was by the Magic Fountain of Montjuic in Barcelona, and it was a complete surprise .’

To celebrate their wedding, the pair spent a three-week honeymoon in Florida.

Sarah adds: ‘We stayed in Disney Land for a week and then went on the Disney cruise ship down to the Bahamas. We spent the last week in Orlando. We really didn’t want to come back!’

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