Tyler’s Chipper snowman

Chipper snowman by  Tyler Bailey of Corby Cresent, 'Anchorage Park, 'Portsmouth
Chipper snowman by Tyler Bailey of Corby Cresent, 'Anchorage Park, 'Portsmouth

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Hi there Chipsters and welcome to another fun-filled Chipper Club page.

One again we’ve got a great competition and some side-splitting jokes.

When I’d finished laughing at this week’s rib-ticklers I found out that the circus is coming to town – I’m so excited.

I love all the tricks and stunts, but my favourites are the clowns and the jugglers. I just wish I could ride around on a unicycle but I’m a bit too clumsy my friends.

A unicycle, if you don’t know, is a bicycle with one wheel that circus performers sometimes ride. You need to be brilliant at balancing to stay on one of those, Chipsters.

Perhaps some of you have tried them because I know there are circus workshops for children. If you’ve taken part in one of those, I’d love to hear all about it.

And look at the competition below, my friends, for a very exciting offer.

Two weeks ago I gave you the opportunity to draw a snowdog next to our picture of a snowman.

Well Chipster 1464 Tyler Bailey has been busy drawing and sent me his picture. The rest of you can still send in your pictures of snowdogs – or maybe even cats, rabbits or elephants.

Then we’ll show everyone just what great artists you are.

Or you can colour in the funny-looking snowman that we printed last week.

Until next week, it’s chip chip for now.

Chipper x

The winners of the animal word search competition are Chipsters 1724 Carrie Barnett, 487 Kallie Mitchell and 1439 Rhianne Luff.

They each receive three children’s story books.

Well done Chipsters, you’ve been very lucky to win such nice prizes. And you’ve also proved how clever you are by finding all the animal names in our word search puzzle.

I found it very difficult. I lost the monkey when I was looking for the elephant and ended up finding the sheep. Then I realised I should have been marking the words as I went along.

I hope I haven’t confused all you Chipper Club members who didn’t do the word search. But maybe you can keep an eye out for future competitions. You never know when we’re going to have another puzzling puzzle for you to complete.

But first roll up, roll up for this week’s competition.

The circus is coming to town Chipsters and you could be going along for free.

We have three family tickets for Zippos Circus at the Kings Theatre, Southsea to give away.

The winners will have fun looking up at the scary trapeze acts and laughing at the clowns.

Good luck my friends, I’ll keep my paws crossed for you.

Chipper here, calling all Chipsters!

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