Very yummy, but oh my poor tummy...

Ten-year-old Olivia Milne's sensational colouring of Chipper's festive cakes
Ten-year-old Olivia Milne's sensational colouring of Chipper's festive cakes
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Grrroan – I’m feeling a bit full, my friends, so you’ll forgive me for not starting with my usual hello!

It’s all my own fault Chipsters. Those of you with dogs will know that we like to eat everything – slippers, leads, sticks, balls, dolls, shoes (usually when they’re brand new and your absolute favourites), and sometimes even food,

So you can imagine what happened when I received Chipster Olivia Milne’s brilliant cupcake picture.

No no, how dare you think I’d do such a dreadful thing! I didn’t try to eat Olivia’s picture, my faithless friends.

That’s on my kennel wall doing a brilliant job of cheering the place up.

But Olivia’s excellent picture did inspire me to go out looking for cakes and well, I ended up having a bit of a feast and you know the rest.

Thank you Olivia, the tummy ache is worth it and your picture is very good.

Also, thank you for your brilliant jokes on the other side of the page.

I’m awarding you a golden pawprint for sending me so many different things. It really has cheered me up.

I’ll be printing some more of your cupcake pictures next week.

Until then, it’s chip chip for now

Your slightly poorly pal

Chipper x