‘We want to give something back to society’

Phil Treagus (left) and Kane Lodge
Phil Treagus (left) and Kane Lodge
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Most people try to make as much money for themselves as they can when they set up a business.

But budding entrepreneurs Phil Treagus and Kane Lodge don’t have any qualms about giving away some of their new business’s profits to worthy causes.

The pair are in the process of setting up their own website – Snowglo – where people can post and read reviews about anything from movies, television shows and plays to food and video games. It is expected to go live between April and May.

As part of Phil and Kane’s new venture, they plan to give away a percentage of the website’s advertising revenue to local charities at the end of every month.

Phil, 22, said he felt it was his moral duty to give charities a slice of the profits.

‘Me and Kane are both incredibly passionate about charitable work,’ he says.

‘It was just a natural instinct. We knew that we had to give some of our advertising revenue away because it’s our duty to help out others.

‘We feel society has really helped us out during our life so far. We want to give something back.

‘The actual percentage hasn’t been confirmed yet, but we’ll be looking to target lots of different, local charities.’

Phil – who will graduate with a degree in Film Studies at the University of Portsmouth this summer – was also inspired by a film he made about The Rowans Hospice three years ago.

Phil, of Waterlooville, took footage of everyday life at The Rowans as part of a project for his studies.

‘It took my breath away to see how hard all the carers work,’ he says.

‘Sometimes people take for granted the work charities do. It gave me a completely different perspective on their role and importance.’

Phil and Kane, 20, who decided to go into business together in January, have been busy making another goodwill gesture. They have dug deep and contributed £200 towards the £350 needed so close friend Ed Davidson-Brett, 20, can skydive in Salisbury on April 20.

All the money raised from the daredevil challenge will go towards The Rowans.

‘Me and Kane decided to opt out of the challenge because we’re not that keen on heights,’ Phil says.

‘But we wanted to do our bit – and we’re proud that we can support The Rowans. We’re excited about our new business and we hope we can do even more for good causes in the near future.’