Wedding guests surprised by owl

Malcom and Lindsey Deathers's wedding.
Malcom and Lindsey Deathers's wedding.
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Malcolm and Lindsey Deathers surprised guests at their wedding when an owl flew down the aisle to deliver their wedding rings.

Malcolm, 57, team manager at the Naval Base in Portsmouth, married care assessor Lindsey, 47 in a ceremony and reception at the Potters Heron in Romsey and a blessing at St Boniface Church, Chandlers Ford.

Malcolm says: ‘We had an owl ringbearer, it actually flew with the ring.

‘Nobody knew and it was such a shock to everybody.

‘They were all sat looking forward and this owl flew down the aisle.

‘My wife is a big owl fan and she looked on the internet and found a company that provides the service.

‘They came all the way from Newcastle and stayed overnight in a Travelodge. They kept the owl in the bathroom, which is okay until you want to go to the toilet.’

Malcolm is a big Pompey fan, and the wedding showed his true colours.

‘Everybody had to wear something blue so my tie was blue and Lindsey was wearing necklaces and bracelets that were blue.

‘The reception room was blue – we put up balloons and uplighters that were blue as well.

‘One of my ushers, Sylvia Marsh, is a steward at Fratton Park.’

When asked about his favourite part of the day, one thing comes to Malcolm’s mind.

‘It certainly wasn’t the result – on the day we lost 1-0 at home to Newport. But the wedding was fantastic.’

Lindsey took advantage of the leap year tradition to propose to Malcolm in 2012 on a trip to Griffon Forest in York.

‘I opened the door of this lodge and there are balloons all in it. I turned around and there was a ring in Lindsey’s hand, I was so gobsmacked.’

For their honeymoon, Lindsey and Malcolm went back to York and stayed in a bed-and-breakfast as a present from Malcolm’s sister Susan and nieces Kirsti and Charlotte.

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