Week three has arrived and ‘losers’ still pushing

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They’ve worked up a sweat in public and pushed themselves far further than they thought was ever possible.

Now Portsmouth’s Biggest Losers are starting to feel the pressure as our gruelling eight-week fitness challenge goes into its third week.

Seven News readers are attempting to turn their lives around with the help of an intensive fitness and diet regime.

At the end of the challenge, the person who has lost the most weight will be crowned winner.

And all seven are already celebrating some incredible weight losses.

At the start of January their combined weight was more than 139 stone but they’ve worked hard to shed seven- and-a-half stone between them.

They’ve already taken part in a punishing six-mile run along Southsea seafront and covered the distance on the rowing machines and exercise bikes.

And on Sunday they ran up and down the steps at Southsea Castle for an hour.

Senior personal trainer Gary Lockwood says he’s pleased with the way the challenge is going and describes their progress as ‘solid’.

‘They are all working hard,’ he adds. ‘Fatigue is starting to get to them but they are still coming.’

Since the challenge started, Alena Brice has lost 12 pounds; Mo Snook one stone one pound; Kayleigh Smith one stone two pounds; Louise Smith, one stone; Sue Lawson Steel, 11 pounds; Abi Mercer, 13 pounds; Graham Street two stone six pounds.

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