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There was a time when, for most people, the doctor was the final stop in the battle against persistent ailments.

But gradually the UK public began embracing complementary therapies like aromatherapy massage, reiki and reflexology.

Now there is a world of ancient and modern practices designed to boost your health and wellbeing.

The problem is there’s too much choice, it’s difficult for a client to predict if a treatment will work for them, and trying out therapies can be expensive.

Anyone who wants to take a cautious approach can find out more about the many therapies and techniques on offer at two Health and Wellbeing events at Portsmouth’s Square Tower.

Organiser Wendy Townsend says: ‘The beauty of this is that people can browse and find out more without the pressure of approaching a specific therapist.

‘Whether you have back problems or want to find ways to relax, there will be plenty of people to talk to under one roof.’

The events on May 5 and September 29 will include workshops, talks and demonstrations.

Already on board are a nutritional therapist and practitioners in kinesiology and Bow-Emm Therapy.

Kinesiologists find the root cause of different ailments by applying pressure to the muscles.

This is based on the idea that different areas of the body are connected and a muscle weakness can indicate a minor imbalance in one of the body’s organs.

Bow-Emm Therapy combines techniques from leading therapists.

It uses light finger pressure to release muscle groups and ease discomfort.

Wendy is a counsellor and expert in spiritual healing, reiki and meditation.

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique thought to be good for stress reduction and relaxation.

Wendy has organised mind, body and spirit events but this is her first health and wellbeing show.

All therapies are complementary and not a replacement for conventional medicine.

But anyone who is looking for ways to make improvements to their health and emotional wellbeing can head to the Square Tower.

The events cost £2 entry and run from 10.30am to 4pm. For information call Wendy on (07989) 680310, email Wendy-townsend@virginmedia.com or visit complementary-therapy.uk.com