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Helping people locate friends and family they’ve lost contact with

ST ANNE’S SCHOOL: St Anne’s School, Fareham 1960-1965.

We had a reunion (pictured in The News) in 1985 we think it’s time for another.

Maggie Hacker, Janet Minett, Maureen Woodford and Wendy Addison would love to hear from any girls who would like to meet again.

(023) 9229 4152,

CHURCHGATE: I’m looking for Jefferson Churchgate.

Does anyone know what happened to him or his whereabouts?

Jefferson used to live at Stubbington Avenue, Portsmouth and works on a shipping line. He has a daughter, 11 years old. I would be grateful for any information abut him or his whereabouts.

Lidia Slutskaya


COLLINGWOOD: If I say HMS Collingwood, many of your readers will show an interest.

Commissioned in January 1940 when things were getting tough in World War II, Hitler was to have claimed to have sunk it four times over the next few years.

However HMS Collingwood is a massive shore training establishment, and still going strong.

Many of your readers are amongst the thousands of people who served there at some time or other.

Who did they serve with? Would they like to meet up with them again?

Would they like to visit today’s Collingwood?

There is now an Association standing by to reunite them with their old shipmates, as hundreds of others have found out.

Newsletters, Reunions, Visits, Membership lists.

Start the ball rolling by contacting me.

Mike Crowe

7 Heath Road


PO36 8PG



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