Who knew rubbish could be such fun?

Great colouring from Zahra Rad, aged four year and 11 months
Great colouring from Zahra Rad, aged four year and 11 months
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Hello Chipsters, good to be here again. You’ll be pleased to know that after last week’s muddled mishap in which I fell straight into a rabbit hole, I am now back to my old self and driving my master mad again.

In fact, my master has had a very busy week having a proper good sort out of our house. There have been paint brushes, rolls of wallpaper and bags of rubbish all over the place – it’s like an obstacle course just trying get out into the back garden.

I’ve been attempting to help, but as usual not getting very far. I certainly didn’t impress when I ran straight through a tray of paint, leaving bright red paw marks through the house. I tried to pretend it wasn’t me, but it was no use. The red trail lead right to the culprit, I was caught red-handed you might say.

The most fun part of this week have been all the trips to and from the rubbish tip where we’ve been taking all our old furniture and things we no longer need. I never realised what fun it was at the rubbish tip. It’s like a canine’s playground.

There are so many abandoned objects to play in or hide behind, and huge bins just for old clothes and bedding which made an excellent squishy bouncy castle. My master wasn’t too pleased though, and I was told to get out of the rubbish immediately.

That’s all from me this week, friends. I was very impressed with this picture coloured in by Chipster Zahra Rad, number 1921, who is four years and 11 months old. Nearly five, Zahra – I’ll look out for you on my birthdays page! Chip chip for now, Chipper.