Will romance bloom for Miranda and me?

A Valentine's picture for you to colour
A Valentine's picture for you to colour
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There comes a time in every dog’s life when you simply have to cast aside all your macho tendencies and give way to your more tender side. For me that moment has come. Well, for one day at least.

You see Saturday, as if you needed reminding, is February14.

And what do we celebrate on that day (apart from remembering a little local difficulty in Chicago in 1929)?

It’s Valentine’s Day and your old mate Chipper has come over all gooey and slobbery.

I know; it’s not the sort of behaviour you’ve come to expect from your faithful guard dog friend. But, and it’s a big ‘but’, there’s this labradoodle over the fence called Miranda and I’ve taken a bit of a shine to her since Christmas.

I’ve had to curb my usual snarling nature. The growls have diminished to genteel whimpers of a seriously romantic nature.

Don’t tell the other dogs in the neighbourhood, but I brought forward my annual bath and shampoo. Now I can walk past the hole in the fence by Miranda’s kennel with a whole new spring in my paws. It’s worked! She’s noticed my new look, my shiny, fluffed-up coat and my sparkling eyes.

I’ve booked a table at Pedigree Chums on Saturday night and arranged for flowers to be delivered to her kennel – a bunch which will, naturally, contain dogwood. They say every dog has its day – let’s hope Saturday is mine. Here’s hoping. Chip chip for now, Chipper.

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