Wood works for a fab birthday party

Jessica Webb at her eighth birthday party
Jessica Webb at her eighth birthday party
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When it came to celebrating her eighth birthday, Jessica Webb couldn’t decided what she wanted. Her parents, Sarah and Steve, suggest a swimming party, or a pamper party.

But Jessica had only one thing in mind to celebrate her big day the perfect way – a wood working party.

Thankfully her father is a carpenter and had a workshop where the girls could create their very own masterpiece, but the health and safety was a worry.

Her mother, Sarah, says: ‘There’s a lot of machinery so we only let her have a couple of friends over, and we were very careful about what they did. In the end my husband decided the best thing they could learn to make was a shelf, which they could then take home.’

She adds: ‘They were really thrilled and they all seemed to enjoy it.’

As part of the party, her father created instructions on laminated paper so they knew exactly how to make their very own shelves, and each party guest was given precut slices of wood ready to use.

After the party, Jessica showed all her friends around her dad’s workshop, and as they were filming the party throughout the day, they even made their very own version of the Harlem Shake.

Then they ate lots of yummy party food together.

Jessica, who lives with her family in Emsworth, celebrated with her friends on March 23, but she actually turned eight years old on March 21.

Her mother Sarah says: ‘On her actual birthday we went over to her granny’s house and had some birthday cake. She was given a pair of roller skates which she has wanted for a really long time. She spent the rest of the day on them and she plays with them whenever she can now.’

Jessica was also given lots of presents by friends on the big day including a gel art kit, a handbag and a very pretty scarf. The lucky birthday girl was even treated to a range of cupcakes to share with her friends.

She’s pictured with her friends Lily Dorricott, Harriet Barker, Ellie Veness and her 10-year-old brother Oliver.