Work on your bootylicious bod at Beyonce boot camp

Beyonce is famed for her enviable figure
Beyonce is famed for her enviable figure
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Beyonce didn’t get her bootylicious nickname by accident – and it’s the pop star’s enviable figure that Sinead Mathias is hoping to use to inspire others.

When she wanted to find a way to combine a fitness class with dance, she immediately thought of her musical heroine.

Sinead Mathias

Sinead Mathias

And now she’s launched a twice-weekly Beyonce boot camp at Eastney Community Centre to help others work out and have some fun.

While the class can’t promise to give you a body to rival the Crazy in Love singer’s, Sinead says it is a good way to tone up.

‘I think she’s a really good role model,’ she adds. ‘She’s not stick thin and she’s not overtly sexual.

‘She has an amazing body and that’s all from dancing.’

The hour-long classes start at 8pm on Mondays and Fridays. Split into five sections, each session includes a cardio segment plus a bums and tums workout.

Once everyone has worked up a sweat, Sinead begins to teach the routines, with a different Beyonce song picked each week.

Sinead charges £3 per class, or £5 to those who want to attend both classes.

Her own background is in musical theatre and the 24-year-old launched the class when she moved to Portsmouth and wanted to find an exercise class she could run around going to auditions.

‘I’m a massive Beyonce fan and I was lying there in bed thinking “I need to do some kind of boot camp – we could do a Beyonce boot camp”,’ she explains.

‘We’ve done routines to Crazy in Love and Single Ladies, which is one of her most famous routines.

‘The first half-an-hour is fitness. In cardio it’s all about getting your heart rate up and we do that to a Beyonce song, before going into the flexibility and stretch section.

‘The second half of the class is all about learning the routine. We do a verse and a chorus and it’s the same class on the Monday and Friday.’

The community centre, in Bransbury Road, has a packed programme of fitness classes including boxing, belly dancing and kettlebells.

Sinead says her boot camp has gone down well – but stresses that it’s not just a chance to learn some of Beyonce’s most iconic moves.

‘It’s a fun class but the whole idea of the boot camp part is that you do it on both days to really get the benefit from doing it,’ she adds.

‘Once a week is good for you at the time but to get the real benefit you do it on Monday and Friday and maybe do the tums and bums sections on your own at home on a Wednesday.

‘When I was at dance school I was so toned and in such good shape but I hadn’t realised it because I was doing something I loved.

‘I look at Beyonce and that’s what she’s about. She’s womanly but so toned at the same time.’

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