Yikes! I stared into a croc’s huge jaws

Vinnie-jay and Scarlett Johnson dressed asThor and Anna
Vinnie-jay and Scarlett Johnson dressed asThor and Anna
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Greetings Chipsters, you little bookworms you! What fabulous costumes you dreamed up (perhaps, one or two parents might have been involved too) for World Book Day last Thursday.

I was out early for my morning walk in the Baffins area of Portsmouth when I bumped into my old friend the red setter with the rather grand if not unusual pedigree name – Heart Cooks Brain. She gave me a right fright I can tell you.

There I was, dressed as Bullseye and casually sniffing around the bottom of every passing lamppost, when I looked up into the wickedly gleaming eyes of the most enormous crocodile you’ve ever seen in Westover Road.

So convincing was she with her snarling and snapping that I was about to head straight back to Dunyelping and the safety of my comfort blanket. But a quick tug with those huge teeth-filled jaws stopped me in my tracks and then she revealed her true identify.

Actually, it came as a bit of a disappointment to learn that she wan’t really the horrid, greedy grumptious brute who loves to guzzle up little boys and girls. You remember the one, The Enormous Crocodile created by the wonderful Roald Dahl.

This week’s picture comes from Maria Johnson and shows her two children dressed for the occasion. We have Vinnie-jay and Scarlett Johnson beautifully turned out as Thor and Anna respectively – Thor from the Marvel comics and Anna from Frozen. Chip chip for now, your old friend Chipper.


It’s my favourite time of the week again – the moment when I can reveal my latest competition winners.

So, with a drum roll on the side of my drinking bowl, here are the two lucky Chipsters who are going to have a whale of a time (geddit?) at the Blue Reef Aquarium.

In reverse order: Daisy Warren-Smith (2035) has won a family day pass to the Southsea attraction.

But Chipster 1694 Eloise Fleming went one better and won family membership for a whole year.

Well done both. See below for this week’s competition.