Yoga for beginners: part three – Vrksasana, the tree pose

Position one
Position one
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Yoga teacher Barbara Helisova ( says the Vrksasana improves balance and hip, knee and ankle flexibility, strengthens calves and reduces flat feet.

IMAGE TWO: Continue to turn your right knee out while keeping hips and shoulders facing forward. Place hands together in prayer position. Or reach arms over your head and join fingertips together to form a circle. Reach the crown of your head to the ceiling and hold for 15 seconds. Keep your gaze fixed on one point in front.

IMAGE THREE: Place your right hand on your right thigh. Start shifting your hips further to the left and reach your left arm over your head as far as possible. Slide the right hand down towards the right knee until you feel a strong stretch in your left side. Keep both shoulders away from your ears and left hand facing down.