Youngster was as ‘cool as a cucumber’ when dialling 999

Kristy Combs
Kristy Combs
Picture: Shutterstock

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For calling an ambulance when her dad suffered a seizure, nine-year-old Kristy Combs is this week’s We Can Do It T-shirt winner.

Kristy, of Exmouth Road, Gosport, had been reading Harry Potter in bed when she heard a bang in her parents’ bedroom.

She ran in to find her father Andy, 35, on the floor.

The quick-thinking youngster immediately got on the phone and dialled 999.

While tending to her dad, who has an advanced brain tumour, she talked the ambulance controller through his medical history.

She also managed to keep her younger brother, six-year-old Martin and sister, Helena, aged four, calm while she helped their father.

And when paramedics arrived at their home, Kristy was ready with her dad’s medication and made sure they had a clear path to take the stretcher upstairs.

Mum Emma, 37, was at a friend’s house when Andy fell out of bed and had the seizure.

She said: ‘I got home to see they were treating my husband.

‘I had asked if they needed to know anything and they said Kristy had told them everything they needed.

‘She was as cool as a cucumber apparently.

‘We’re so proud of what she did and grateful she has been awarded a We Can Do It T-shirt. You don’t know what could have happened if she wasn’t there.’