Your ice creams are looking delicious

Emma Smart's ice cream picture
Emma Smart's ice cream picture
Portsmouth & Southsea railway station by Andy Cooper

LETTER OF THE DAY: Please tart up our railway stations

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Hi there Chipper Club fans and welcome to today’s page.

Now I know you’ll be feeling a bit sad this weekend as it’s the end of the summer holidays and all that lovely playing and enjoying yourselves.

Hannah Cox's ice cream picture

Hannah Cox's ice cream picture

But it’s also an exciting time as you get ready to put on your uniform again and go back to school and see all your friends.

Your lovely ice cream pictures keep on arriving at my kennel. Thanks to Emma Smart, 4 (Chipster 617) for the delicious-looking one on the left and Hannah Cox, aged 11, (Chipster 246) for the scrumptious one on the right.

That’s it for today, so until next Saturday it’s chip chip from your old pal.

Love Chipper X