Your muscles could be sending signals

Laura Knowles with a patient.
Laura Knowles with a patient.
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T esting muscles in the limbs doesn’t seem the most obvious way to deal with digestive disorders or hormone problems.

But kinesiologists do just that to find the root cause of many different ailments.

Largely unfamiliar in the UK, kinesiology is a relatively popular practice in the US where it originated.

A therapist tests the response of a client’s muscle by applying pressure and this can tell them where there might be problems elsewhere in the body.

‘The body is an incredible communicator and symptoms are a sign that it is talking to you, telling you something needs looking at,’ says kinesiologist Laura Knowles.

The therapy has grown from the ideas of American chiropractor Dr George Goodheart who became aware that some of his patients with ongoing shoulder problems also had underlying gastric troubles.

He went on to discover a connection between the muscles in the chest and the stomach and thought the chest problems could be affecting the shoulders.

Laura says: ‘The simple explanation is that there are 45 muscles in the body that are connected to different organs in the body. If a particular muscle is weak it can suggest a minor imbalance in an organ.

‘For example, if someone has an ongoing injury in their thigh I’d be thinking about supporting the digestion because the quad muscle is connected to the small intestine.’

Laura and fellow kinesiologist Claire Snowdon-Darling run the Balanced Wellness clinic in Langstone and have kinesiologist Sarah Prendergast working with them.

The technique is an alternative therapy and does not diagnose disease, instead focusing on areas like nutritional deficiencies.

The therapists will then come up with treatment based on nutrition, supplements and massage and acupuncture pressure points.

Laura says: ‘It’s the most holistic therapy I know.’

She admits that, as with all alternative therapies, not everyone is a devotee of kinesiology.

But she says: ‘We have had some fantastic results with all kinds of conditions because we look at all areas of a person including physical, nutritional and emotional.’

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