Rocking and rolling with Chipper and co

Chloe Munn's drawing
Chloe Munn's drawing
Charmed Life Festival in 2017

Charmed Life Festival returns to Portsmouth

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Hi there Chipper Club fans and welcome to this Saturday’s marvellous, fun-filled page.

Chipster 1758 Chloe Munn has been in touch this week and her colourful drawing takes pride of place on today’s page.

Ten-year-old Chloe, from Portsmouth, put a lot of effort into her picture. I absolutely love it and I’m sure you will too.

Her rock star image has a musical theme and Chloe asks me who my favourite singer is.

Well Chloe, I’ve given your question lots of thought, as your old pal Chipper likes all kinds of music.

But of course there’s one singer who stands out more than any other for me and that’s Elvis Presley.

Want to know why? He sang Hound Dog and that really is music to my big, flappy dog ears!

Now let’s move on to other matters. I set you a challenge last week to come up with your very own Chipper Club cartoon.

There’s just one week left to get your cartoon strips in to me – so don’t miss your chance to see your work on this page. Turn to page eight of today’s News and you should get plenty of inspiration.

That’s about it for today my friends so until next Saturday, I’ll say chip chip for now! Love Chipper X