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Gary Lockwood from 24 7 Fitness
Gary Lockwood from 24 7 Fitness
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If you feel as if you’re constantly on a diet, Gary Lockwood says his brand of tough love is exactly what you need.

The gym owner and his personal trainers will be on hand to put eight News readers through the challenge of a lifetime next year when Portsmouth’s Biggest Loser returns.

Our popular weight loss competition gives people the chance to experience a gruelling eight-week personal fitness regime for free.

And as the contestants battle it out against each other to see who can shed the most in two months, Gary will be at their side every step of the way.

The challenge will start in January and readers have until Tuesday, November 27, to apply.

Gary, who runs 24/7 Fitness with gyms in Fareham and Gunwharf Quays, says: ‘We’re looking for people who’ve got a serious weight problem and who needs the support to change.

‘I’d like to hear from people who have traditionally stayed away from gyms in the past so we can show them it’s not the scary place they might imagine full of Adonis-like bodies.’

Our chosen eight will exercise every weekday and take part in a fitness challenge on Sundays. They’ll also get a strict diet plan to follow.

In return they’ll be expected to give the challenge their all by working hard and following the advice on offer.

At the end of the eight-week programme, the person who has lost the most will be crowned winner and receive some great prizes, including a year’s free membership to 24/7 Fitness.

Gary says he’s keen for more men to apply this year and warns that the trainers are ready to get tough.

‘The Sunday challenges are going to be really good this year but we’ll give them lots of support,’ he adds.

‘It’s all about giving them some tough love.’

Here’s how to enter: Men should weigh no more than 25 stone, women no more than 20 stone. You must be over the age of 18 and available to dedicate eight weeks at the start of 2013 to the programme.

In no more than 250 words, explain why you want the chance to take part. Include an up-to-date photograph, your current weight and how much you want to lose. You can e-mail or write to Sarah Foster at The News, The News Centre, Hilsea, Portsmouth, PO2 9SX. Please include your age, address and a daytime phone number.