Special agent is necessary...

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There’s an air of excitement as the latest Bond movie reaches cinema screens.

But a special agent is just what every homeowner needs, suggests Colin Shairp, director of the Fine and Country Southern Hampshire and Town and Country Southern estate agencies at Drayton, Portsmouth.

‘Estate agents and their clients need to have a special bond, one of absolute trust,’ says Colin.

‘The law requires estate agents to do their duty for their clients, the property seller, but the commitment is far deeper than that of a legal relationship, although there is a contract at the heart of it.

‘A property owner has to be able to trust their estate agent to give the best advice on valuation and work flat out to find a buyer.

‘Widespread promotion, plus a good database of potential buyers, helps the process but when an offer is made a good estate agent will ensure the potential buyer has funds in place or a well-progressed property sale under way before recommending that the vendor withdraws the house from further promotion.

‘Estate agents who are worth their fee will also keep a regular check on progress with all the parties involved, work to tie up any loose ends and regularly report on the state of the transaction to the vendor.

‘Land Registry figures demonstrate that we are achieving some of the highest prices in the local area and have just exchanged contracts on the most expensive house to sell in Gosport in recent times.

‘We are happy to give free market appraisals and this involves more than taking a look around and suggesting a suitable price.

‘A proper appraisal takes into account the speed at which the vendor needs to sell, the current market conditions in the area of the property and the likely number of people who will be interested in buying.

‘Selling property has a lot of science and analysis involved – we like to think our special techniques make us the ‘Q’ of the estate agency world!’