The 10 best winter warmers

Cuddle up in a Cuddlee blanket
Cuddle up in a Cuddlee blanket
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1 Knitted owl hot water bottle, £25, from Debenhams (pictured on the front of Family Life).

Everyone needs a cosy hot water bottle as the nights get colder. This one is definitely a bit cuter than your bog-standard variety and will be sure to put a smile on any face in need of cheering up.

2 Scary croc slippers, £10, from Brantano (pictured below)

These fierce fellows will keep your children’s toes toasty this winter. Try Brantano for more novelty slippers – the perfect winter warmer.

3 Magic gel reusable hand warmer heat pack, £4.99, from

Pop a pair of these inside your gloves and you’ll have warm fingers in seconds. The hand warmers work at the click of a button and the reusable gel will keep on re-heating.

4 Cuddlee blanket, £14.95, from House of Bath (pictured right).

Snuggle up in style in a fleecy blanket like this one in eye-catching fuschia. There’s a variety of wrap-around blankets on the market – but this one comes in at just under £15.

5 River Island loose knit snood, £15, from

This chunky, open knit, snood will wrap around the neck to keep even the worst wind out. With more material than a scarf it’s the stylish, practical, way to stay warm.

6 Butterfly ear muffs, £10, from Accessorize.

These muffs are a pretty shade of pink and decorated with glittery butterflies.

When ear muffs are as cute as these there’s no need to feel embarrassed about wearing a set on your head.

7 Thermal long pants, £15, from Debenhams.

Think long John’s are a thing of the past?

The modern day thermals have come a long way so pop a pair on under your trousers when it’s a really cold day to guarantee warmth.

8 Lavender warming boots, £12.50, from

The removable wheat pouches can be heated in the microwave to release warmth and the smoothing scent of lavender. Perfect for those who want something more from their slippers.

9 Trapper hat, £18, from Marks & Spencer.

A traditional trapper hat – with ear flaps and a fleecy lining – is perfect for keeping your head warm this winter.

10 Knitted leg warmers, £6, from M&S

All right, there’s no getting away from it, there’s something inescapably ’80s about a pair of leg warmers. But if you don’t mind looking like an extra from Flashdance leg warmers can be brilliant.