The Ten Bes: Digital Radios

Ruark Audio R1
Ruark Audio R1
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1 PURE Highway DAB – £69.99 from

Upgrade your in-car entertainment with this nifty unit from PURE.

With great media connectivity, you’ll be able to pause and play digital radio through your car stereo system and also release tunes from your iPod.

2 Ruark Audio R1 – £159.95 from

This high-end DAB radio from Ruark is available in a number of colour options – the one pictured is the rather retro Walnut finish option.

The unit has a rotodial control unit on the top for easy access to your stations and various sound options.

Other features include an alarm, headphone socket and a connection to plug in an external music source.

3 Harmony digital radio – £49.99 from Lakeland

Combining retro looks and current technology, this smart cherry wood digital radio will make a good gift.

The crystal-clear sound can’t be faulted; the DAB transmission provides high-quality, interference-free audio, and auto-tune makes station selection simple.

4 Pocket digital radio – £49.99 from

If you’re looking for something neat, compact and for use when you’re on the go, this little beauty could be for you.

It’s tiny but will give you access to all your favourite radio stations.

5 Roberts MessageR – £99.99 from

This digital radio is unique because it allows you to record and save a couple of voice messages, ideal for when you have a lightbulb moment while listening. Plus there’s a handy egg-timer function.

6 Sensia 200D – £249.95 from

Much more than just a digital radio, this wireless music system could form the hub of your at-home entertainment.

The Sensia allows you to stream millions of songs from the Pure Music web-based on-demand subscription service, or from your digital music collection via PC, as well as giving you access to thousands of internet radio stations or podcasts.


7 PURE One Union Jack digital radio – £29.99 from John Lewis.

This digital radio brings a little dash of Great British flair to all your favourite digital stations.

8 PURE Evoke Mio – £129.98 from

Add a splash of colour to your home in the form of this Evoke DAB radio.

Compact enough to squeeze in anywhere but still delivering a decent sound, this great-looking gadget features a kitchen timer and an alarm.

For a bit extra, you can buy a ChargePAK rechargeable battery for portable listening.

9 Acoustic Solutions Gloss digital radio – £39.99 from Argos

With a funky LCD display, 20 pre-set stations and a snooze/sleep mode alarm, wake up to the soothing tones of your favourite radio DJ.

10 Tivoli PAL + – £249 from

This very stylish unit has a built-in rechargeable battery unit, so you can pick up and shift about without missing a beat.

The Tivoli also has a weatherproof rubber casing, so it’s ideal for outdoor use.