The ten best space gifts and gadgets

Turn an ordinary bedroom into an out-of-this-world adventure with Walltastic's space city
Turn an ordinary bedroom into an out-of-this-world adventure with Walltastic's space city
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1 Techno Gears Marble Mania Galaxy, £81.53, from

This space-themed set uses more than 400 pieces to create a speedy and exciting marble run.

Watch as the launcher sends the marble careering around the static planetary system, cheered on by flashing lights and space sounds.

2 Junk Ball Clock, £19.99, from

This clever clock showcases what Earth looks like from way up above.

The magnetic moon drifts around the clock face as the hours pass without the need for conventional hands.

3 U.S.S Enterprise manual, £15.99, from

This is one book no Star Trek fan should be without. The Haynes manual features cutaway drawings, technical illustrations and photographs along with comprehensive background information and more, giving you the low-down on Captain Kirk’s very own ride.

4 Wonders of the Solar System, with Professor Brian Cox, £6.50, from

If you missed this show on TV, it’s well worth checking out on DVD. There’s something for everyone – including breathtaking scenery, awesome concepts and an affable Prof.

5 Space food, £5.99 each, from

Originally developed for the Apollo missions, these genuine pouches of space food have been frozen and vacuum packed (pictured on the front of Family Life).

The snacks include melt-in-the-mouth ice-cream flavours including Neapolitan and mint choc chip.

6 Science Museum’s Space, black holes and stuff book, £5.99, from

Young minds will be blown by the fun facts – a perfect present for someone keen on space.

7 AppBlaster, £19.99, from

Just download this app, place your iPhone or iPod in the gun cradle and blast those alien invaders.

8 Celestron FirstScope telescope, £40.82, from

This is the perfect introduction to the joys of astronomy.

Stylish, compact and easy to use, it will allow you to view Moon or Mars.

9 Star Theatre, £119.99, from

Using the same lenses that you’d find in a commercial planetarium, this projection unit is set to dazzle.

Ultra-bright LED technology allows it to beam 10,000 stars onto your ceiling in incredible detail. There’s two discs to display both stars and constellations – prepare to be amazed.

10 Walltastic Space City, £35, from

Place the 10ft x 8ft scene on youngsters’ walls and without doubt, it’ll make an impression.

The design comes in 12 easy-to-put-up pieces that are guaranteed to transform a room at a fraction of redecorating costs.