Top 10 home baking essentials

Jamie Oliver's new restaurant chain is coming to thecentre:mk'For MK Business Citizen'page 10, April 28, 2011 edition'dt
Jamie Oliver's new restaurant chain is coming to thecentre:mk'For MK Business Citizen'page 10, April 28, 2011 edition'dt

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Things to make life better and easier for you

Just what every home baker needs – cases worthy of their tasty treats.

Each pack of 60 contains three different case sizes so you’ll always have the right tool for the job.

2 Silicone heart-shaped cake tin, £7.50, from Marks & Spencer.

If you’ve got your heart set on any kind of home baking, you’ll need a cake tin of some sort.

This one will leave the recipient of your cake in no doubt about how you feel – and the silicone design makes it easier to get out once baked.

3 Ceramic measuring jug, £8, from Sainsbury’s.

Get your quantities spot on with this practical addition to your kitchen cupboard.

And with the measurements on the inside, it doubles as a perfectly good serving jug for sauces too.

4 Retro kitchen scales, £16.69, from

The steel bowl makes this a good choice for the home baker – and the cream design will look good on the work surface too.

5 Faringdon cake cooling rack, £4.75, from The Good Cook Shop, in Marmion Road, Southsea.

This place is like heaven for the home baker, with an array of goodies on offer to make sure you’ve got everything you’ll ever need at your fingertips.

A cooling rack is a good, inexpensive, bit of kit to have and this is as good as any.

6 Jme Champion Bakers Baking Set, £17.50, from Jamie At Home (main picture).

Celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver, is behind this range of baking goodies.

The set includes four mini bakeware tins for children – including a heart-shaped tin, a bunt tin, cupcake tin and a rectangular tin – to encourage your little ones to try out baking for themselves.

7 Breville food mixer, £49.95, from John Lewis.

If you’re serious about baking more than the occasional teatime treat, a food mixer will serve you well.

This one has 10 speed settings and will beat and whisk.

8 Stainless steel sieve, £3.99, from Argos.

Want a lighter sponge? Try sieving your flour with this cheap and cheerful bit of equipment.

9 Torpedo rolling pin, £3, from Sainsbury’s.

You don’t need anything fancy when it comes to home baking – but a sturdy wooden rolling pin is about as essential as it gets if you’re intent on using pastry.

10 Cook and cake mini muffin pan, £10.29, from

This non-stick pan has room for 12 mini muffins and it’s dishwasher safe, making this home baking lark a doddle.