Turning up the heat

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Households across the Portsmouth area estimate that they spend more than £870 per year on heating bills, yet nearly three quarters of adults still feel cold at home according to new research from Barratt Homes.

Spending patterns on heating vary significantly across the country, the Scots are the biggest spending paying £167 more than those in the south east.

According to research, the biggest influence on heating bills is the age of the property.

Typical new-build homeowners save on average £600 per year when it comes to heating bills.

And the gap between old and new is growing – a recent calculation from government suggested that new build homes are 30 per cent more efficient than even five years ago.

Rather than reaching for the thermostat, the research said other ways to keep warm in winter months include putting on extra clothes (68 per cent), having a hot drink (54 per cent) or cuddling up with their partner, children or pets (28 per cent).

An active six per cent resort to exercising indoors to help boost their temperature.

The research also showed that, far from being the heart of the home, the kitchen emerged as the coldest room in the house for one in five homeowners (20 per cent), with the hall a close second (18 per cent).

Barratt Homes which is building energy efficient homes in Havant and Lee-on-the-Solent conducted thermal imaging of both a pre-owned and new build home, highlighting the significant differences in heat loss.