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If you are a first-time landlord (or even a well-established one) the many discussions in the press and even in parliament about regulations regarding letting can be bamboozling.

‘Bad’ or even ‘evil’ landlords sometimes feature in the media, but we know the vast majority rent out a house or flat either for a bit of ongoing income and/or to keep a foot on the property ladder.

Landlords are actually providing a service for those who can’t afford, or aren’t in a position to buy and landlords with property portfolios are trying to juggle all the requirements to make tenants safe too.

The government wants to stop the horror stories of exploitation or even danger which occurs in a minority of cases and so have looked at how to improve regulation.

If you’re a landlord are you sure you’re up to date with it all?

We can offer help and even a free guide with 99 Tips on maximising rent.

From October 1 the following fire safety requirements come into force for all new tenancies from October 1 (or any contracts renewed from that date):

n A landlord must have a smoke alarm on each floor of a private home

n (despite various speculation) A landlord does not need a carbon monoxide alarm, UNLESS they have a solid fuel appliance (wood/coal), eg fire, stove, in which case a carbon monoxide alarm should be fitted in the same room as the appliance

n Alarms can be battery operated and don’t need to be interlinked. 10 -ear battery recommended.

n The landlord/agent must test the alarm before the start of the tenancy and give instructions to the tenant to test going forwards.

Any landlord breaching the requirements is subject to a fine up to £5k so if you would like help with meeting these requirements, or checking you comply with all the letting requirements including deposits, electrical/gas appliances and Legionella Risk Assessment requirements give us a shout.

There are also changes to the Section 21 notices (a notice to regain property after an assured short term tenancy – AST) but an error in the legislation caused a few issues.

Call us if you want to understand more.

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