We earn our stripes as tigers are saved

Chipper and his feline friend Brindley saved tigers like this one
Chipper and his feline friend Brindley saved tigers like this one
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At the weekend Brindley and I decided to go to the zoo to see all the exciting animals there.

My lovely mum packed us some pocket money to buy ourselves a treat at the gift shop.

The Fat Controller with Thomas and friends at Drusillas

The Fat Controller with Thomas and friends at Drusillas

When the bus got to our house there seemed to be no one on it, but we kept our spirits high by telling each other funny stories. Brindley suggested we stop at the sandwich shop, so that’s what we did for our lunch.

The entrance to the zoo was packed with some of our friends and family, waiting to see their close relatives. Brindley ran to the tiger enclosure and we saw her great granddad Ollie, but he told us the zoo was planning to shut.

The zoo is one of our favourite places to go, so we just had to stop it shutting down. Brindley and I sat on a bench and thought about what to do to help the tigers.

All of a sudden I had a great idea – we could start a petition for it to stay open. Brindley tore a page out of her notebook and we walked around the zoo asking people to sign it.

When it was almost closing time we ran up to the manager’s office and handed in the petition. He said he was very impressed and it was only fair to keep the zoo open. So we had saved it!

Me and Brindley had to wait a long time for the bus home before we could tell mum our exciting news. She was really proud, even though we were late!

To celebrate, here’s a lovely picture of a tiger for you to admire.


Three lucky Chipsters are off to Drusillas – one of the best small zoos in the country.

And while my competition winners are there they will meet Thomas the Tank Engine, Annie, Clarabel and friends on the tracks running around the zoo. That’s Thomas with the Fat Controller in the picture.

So, who’s won? This week’s terrific trio of Chipsters comprises:

William Davies (1104)

Oliver Willett (1708) and

Lewis Stanford (1441)

Disappointed it wasn’you? Don’t worry, why not have a go at this week’s competition which you’ll find only in The News today, and you could see Peppa Pig! Wow!

Chip Chip for now.