THIS WEEK IN 1999: Scrapbook tells story of Kayleigh's courage

Christmas was special for children, but nine-year-old Kayleigh Harrison had even more reason than most to celebrate.

Sunday, 31st December 2017, 6:00 am
Kayleigh, nine, was making a full recovery after the transplant which saved her life

A liver transplant had saved her life and the youngster from Garfield Road, Buckland, was making a full recovery.

Her parents Stephen, 44, and Annette, 33, were told by doctors that Kayleigh probably only had about 24 hours to live before the operation.

Mrs Harrison said: ‘This Christmas will be so special.

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‘Something like this really makes you step back and think how lucky you are.

‘We just feel incredibly thankful that Kayleigh is still here with us. The gift of life is the best present we could have ever had.’

Kayleigh kept a scrapbook of words and pictures illustrating her three-month ordeal in hospital.

Problems began when Kayleigh turned yellow and was violently sick. She was initially treated at St Mary’s Hospital, Milton, but was transferred to King’s College Hospital in London.

Medics in London were so impressed by Kayleigh’s scrapbook they asked her to compile another to give to fellow transplant patients courage.